The world’s first cryptocurrency only nightclub coin. Invest while having fun.

What is MazeCoin?

Nightclub cryptocurrency -Maze coin
MazeCoin is the future and only currency of the Maze Nightclub, opening in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain network, which is a stable and secure network that is ready for the future.

Early investors usually provides liquidity to the coin, making the coin easier to buy and sell, or invest directly in the team, funding marketing campaigns and further development.

MazeCoin for community by community

While the purpose of MazeCoin is to act as a currency on Maze Nightclub, it has deep technological roots, and is made by the Maze Community by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and developers.


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Exchange MAZE for BCB or almost any other coin
  • Trade MAZE on the upcoming MazeCoin App, and on exchanges like Pancakeswap
Maze Coin crypto

We Bring together Trading and Fun

Maze coin crypto 2021
Ever seen big screens behind a bardisk, showing a real time value graph of the cryptocurrency, where the only way to buy a drink is with that currency?

Our goal is to open the world’s first cryptocurrency only nightclub, where normal fiat currency isn’t eligible. You can also buy the coin cheap now to get cheap drinks when we open!

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September, 2018 MAZE Events was coined
Non-profit organization created.
December, 2018 Board members chosen
We chose board members with different skill sets. Team building.
June, 2019 Board members discuss the future of Maze
Decide to create a Nightclub. Team building. Research.
January, 2020 Business plan and developers chosen.
June, 2020 Decide to launch cryptocurrency, with the Nightclub, as a world first.
September, 2020 Research cryptocurrency
More research.
April, 2021 MazeCoin creation
Purchasable on Pancakeswap.
May, 2021 Applying to exchanges, creation of whitepaper and website
Now we’re getting serious.
June, 2021 Initial Coin Offering Private sale
Buy before your neighbor.
July, 2021 App development
You can use the app to easily buy the coin, to use at the Nightclub.
January, 2022 Nightclub open?
Better bring your Corona Passport!

MAZE token Structure

Distributed to Community

01-June-2021, 1 PM CEST, to
01-August-2021, 2 PM CEST

Coin Sale

2st of August 2021, 2 PM Central European Summer Time (CEST)
To the end of civilization


10.000.000 MazeCoins


1 MAZE = $0.00743063 as of 20-05-2021

Accepted Currencies

All currencies accepted by the exchange.

Emission Rate

No new tokens will be created

Our motivated team

Our Advisory Board

Contact Us

If you want to contact us, join our Telegram, or send us an email directly to